Greetings! I collaborate with pro-American organizations in navigating the culture war. With a focus on predicting emerging issues, crafting impactful narratives, and outmaneuvering woke opponents, I provide strategic insights that is valuable to your mission.Join me in shaping a future that upholds a pro-American culture, one story at a time.

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I specialize in delivering impactful results to both non-profit organizations and for-profit companies. For non-profits, regardless of your mission's focus, I offer the expertise and deep insights into how your adversaries are leveraging government education systems to influence and shape the youth against your cause. By understanding these dynamics, we can develop counter strategies and advance your mission effectively.If you're a small to mid-size company that has implemented well-intentioned but divisive "woke" policies, I can assist you in a thoughtful and strategic process to walk back on these policies. Together, we can navigate the complexities of organizational change and ensure that your policies align with your core values while fostering a more harmonious workplace environment. Let's get you back to focusing on what you do best.

*Strategy sessions that are scalable.
*Understanding "language contamination".
*How to take back language.
*Keynote speeches that inspire.
*Custom artifacts enhancing your mission.
*Workshops and trainings
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I'm a political refugee from California. I've seen how the same playbook that destroyed my old home is now being employed to the rest of the nation.I founded Courage Is A Habit because I knew we had to fight differently. My talent is knowing how to frame stories so that it resonates with your customers, followers, and donors.Let's get to work.


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I appreciate you reaching out and I'll get back to you quickly.Meanwhile, I invite you to download the "Dossier of Abusers". In this valuable resource, you'll discover insights into the six distinct types of opponents you may encounter, along with guidance on how to effectively handle each one.